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Mechanical & Acoustical

Analysis, Design, Concept 

Cullum has years of experience in the analysis, design, and manufacture. Our highly trained engineers are able to bring this experience to our clients, and assist with the design/concept phase of any product or project.

Our team has access to the latest industry-recognized analysis, design, and drafting software - along with several design tools we have developed in-house. The key areas of competency which we specialize in are Acoustical Testing and Analysis, along with CFD analysis of ducting systems, and structural analysis of steel structures.

Our consultation services:-

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis (CFD) 

  • Structural Analysis (Static and Dynamic)

  • On-Site Acoustical Testing (Industrial Facilities)

  • Theoretical Acoustical Analysis (Products or Facilities)

  • Acoustical Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Planning Assistance - Noise Ordinance Analysis (Including Expert Testimony)

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