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Emission Control Solutions

Innovative Solutions for Challenging Problems

In support of the Net-Zero 2050 target, Cullum is collaborating with technology innovators in both the Carbon Capture and 'Energy from Waste' sectors. 


Using our extensive experience from the Traditional Energy sector, we develop turnkey solutions that can be integrated into your current infrastructure to reduce your environmental impact - all without compromising your operations.

Environmental awareness is an ever-important topic, meaning businesses need to take the right steps to control harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide filtration or replacing and updating current systems like an exhaust stack. We work with you to implement an emission monitoring system, engineering a solution that reduces your business’ impact on the environment.

Our value lies within our experience, allowing us to develop an innovative solution, build it, install it, maintain it and keep you running.

We are working on Low Carbon projects today! Let Cullum help shape your environmental strategy. 

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