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World-Leading Engineering

Cullum has manufactured and installed over 2000 Gas Turbine Acoustic Packages into the Onshore/Offshore market place, for customers ranging from EPCs, Engine OEMs to Operators


Noise and Acoustic requirements are becoming more challenging. Equipment needs to last for longer. We understand the Price of Failure is High!


Cullum can use its experience to work with customers at the concept stage, to ensure we deliver the right solution 

Whether it be 'new build' or 'refurbishment' - Cullum has the technical and operational capability to deliver Engineering Success

We are a world leader in the provision of Acoustic Enclosures, Filtration systems, Exhaust systems and Emission Control Systems for Industrial gas turbines and other turbo-machinery (Generators, Compressors and Pumps).


We offer the complete life-cycle solution - Concept, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning and After-sales. 


No matter how challenging your noise, thermal, or environmental requirements, Cullum has the Engineering capability to support.

Our product offerings are:

  • Acoustic Enclosures (new-build, refurbishment, on-shore, off-shore)

  • Filterhouse Assemblies (new-build, refurbishment, on-shore, off-shore)

  • Intake, Exhaust, and Ventilation Ductwork including Silencing Elements (new-build, refurbishment, on-shore, off-shore)

  • Fire Suppression, Flow Control, Dampers, Electrical Systems (new-build, refurbishment, on-shore, off-shore)

  • Comprehensive Site Surveys, including digital scanning, acoustic analysis, and commissioning (on-shore and off-shore)

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