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ATEX Ducting

ATEX (hazardous zone) compliant ducting of any size

Accutone 2 Music Practice Rooms

Modular music practice rooms NIC50-NIC70

Accutone 2 Studio Packages

Voice-Over, Broadcasting, and Post-Production Suites

CVR Range (Compact Mechanical)

Up to 58psi at 37gpm

CVRD Range (Compact Mechanical)

Double ram (continuous flow), up to 58psi at 90gpm

Classifier (Grit Removal)

Removes grit from flow in waste water applications

Detritor (Grit Separation/Collection)

Mechanical grit separation/collection from waste water

Emission Control Solutions

Catalysts, SCR, and ducting for emissions' reduction

Flow Control Screens

Mesh/Honeycomb steel devices for laminar flow conditioning

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Gas Turbine Exhaust Silencers

Any size, temperature, and acoustic performance

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Gas Turbine Intake Silencers

Ducted silencers of any size and acoustic performance


Beautifully curated assortment of polyester acoustical products

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