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Typhoon Hush House

A Cullum Hush House supplied to the UK Ministry of Defence to allow engine testing for the UK’s fleet of Eurofighter Typhoon multi-role fighter jets.

A Cullum Aerospace Hush House supplied to the UK MoD to allow engine testing for the UK’s fleet of Typhoon multi-role fighter jets.

The Hush House is designed to allow the jets to run-up their engines in a controlled environment. Both sound and exhaust blast are contained by the structure.

The facility has the capability to test other MoD aircraft, such as the Tornado, Jaguar and Hawk; allowing vital safety and performance checks in a safe environment.

Testing can be performed day or night, and in all weather and wind conditions; helping to provide a fast response air force. 

Acoustic requirement was 60dB(A) measured at 656ft; reducing a deafening roar to the level of a quiet

Cullum are proud to support the Royal Air Force with our products.


United Kingdom​


UK Ministry of Defense




  • Acoustic building

  • Powered facility doors

  • Ancillary plant room

  • Aircraft restraints and powered nose wheel pit, to ensure correct alignment

  • ​Support systems: All fire protection systems, fuel lines, data acquisition systems and many of the electrical systems.

  • Advanced exhaust detuner – to control the engine exhaust gases and sound

  • Exhaust stack: 99 feet high and with advanced acoustic suppression

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