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WSK PZL-Rzeszow Test Cell

A Cullum Aero Engine Test Facility supplied to Pratt & Whitney's subsidiary WSK to allow experimental off-craft jet engine testing.

A Cullum Aerospace Test Facility supplied to WSK, a subsidiary of Pratt & Whitney, to allow engine testing of their experimental Aero engines.

The facility consists of 2 experimental engine test houses, each with 2 test stands: Prop and Dyno. The Prop area facilitates tests of the entire power units (engine with the propeller). The Dyno area uses a water brake, to simulate the loads an engine experiences during operation.

WSK's requirement was for the engine test cells to be operable 24 hr./day, to allow for extended length testing. However, the surrounding historic town of Rzeszow had very restrictive night-time noise limits. Hence, the solution had to have exemplary acoustic performance.

The concrete super-structure was performed by Skanska, with Ducting, Flow Conditioning, and Silencing supplied by Cullum. Meaning our team were on-site for over 12 months coordinating and installing component elements.

A highlight of this project is the telescopic, motorized ducting in the dyno facility to allow multiple engine sizes.




Pratt & Whitney - WSK




  • Flow Conditioning Screens

  • Facility Acoustic Doors

  • Engine Bellmouth

  • High Performance Intake & Exhaust Baffles

  • Telescopic Motorized Exhaust Ducting 

  • Exhaust stack: 65 feet high and with advanced acoustic suppression

  • On-site Acoustic Commissioning Survey

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