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X-Craft Sea Fighter

A Cullum Exhaust System supplied to the US Navy Office of Naval Research for Next-Gen Craft to manage exhaust gases without impacting on-deck operations

The United States Navy - Office of Naval Research commissioned the design and build of an experimental vessel that was used to demonstrate to the World the versatility of a super high speed vessel which could cross oceans quickly, and operate in shallow coastal waters.

The vessel known as X-Craft, and later the Sea Fighter is a 1100 ton aluminum catamaran, and one of the fastest vessels in the US Naval fleet.  

Cullum designed and manufactured the exhaust systems for the GE LM2500 gas turbines. The gas turbine exhaust system discharges through the ship side - aft of the air intakes.  Due to the close proximity of the intake and exhausts, and the fact that the discharge was close to the flight deck, a series of wind tunnel tests were carried out to assess the exhaust smoke path and its concentration on the flight deck and working area.


The results of the tests showed there was no problem with cross flow between the intakes and exhausts and the effects of smoke on the deck and working areas were acceptable for helicopter operation


United States of America


US Navy - Office of Naval Research




  • Complete Shock Resistant Exhaust System

  • Structural Analysis of Exhaust System

  • Aerodynamic Analysis of Exhaust System

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